You don’t have to be perfect…..

….. to be amazing….

Life is way too short to put any energy into the negativity others want us to be a part of.
Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.
If we expect others to make us happy, we will always be disappointed.  
Someone once said, “Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts.”
So never forget the power you have to make a difference.
We should NEVER feel regret for something that brings a smile to our faces.

We can’t direct the wind……

…… but we can adjust our sails….. (Thomas & Monson LDS.ORG)

 A significant benefit of allowing for a period of growth and development is the new and innovative road that it can take one down.

  It’s like some unknown force has connected to a need or desire deep within your soul and motivated you to reach for the stars, follow your dreams and go beyond your usual confines. 

All my previous attempts have been feeble. They’ve felt jumbled and unconvincing in comparison. Change is natural and spontaneous. Its spring. The season of re-birth.  A time when old ideas fall away and, new ones begin to appear out of the gloom that was winter…..

You will never have this day again….

… make it count….

When  you tell people about the changes you want to make, many will immediately give you a hundred and one reasons why not to. Regardless of what that change might be. It can be upsetting and can prevent you taking action. This negativity also undermines your confidence. 

The problem is that your positivity regarding the changes you want to initiate, makes others look at their personal situation and the fact that they have their own change issues which they aren’t tackling.